Brushes and Tools Module - OM07 - HobbyZone

The HobbyZone Modular Workshop Organiser System provides a way to keep your desk free from clutter.


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This brushes and tools module is a part of the HobbyZone Modular Worshop Organiser system. The modules snap together with a system of magnets and are crafted from precisely machined MDF plate. The power behind this system is that you can choose which modules you want, and where you want to put them on your desk. From an entire wall filled with storage to only a single module, this system can help you clean up your workspace and allow for optimal fun while building.

Main features of this module:

• 117 holes for brushes (26x 10mm, 81x 8mm, 14x 3mm)
• Roller for pincers and tools
• Dimensions: 30cm x 15cm x 15 cm

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