Encyclopedia of Aircraft Modelling Techniques vol.2: Interiors and assembly (FRENCH) - 6071
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160 pages guide in French. Second volume of a total of 5.


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Volume #2 of the definitive encyclopedia of model aircraft. This second volume covers in depth through its 160 pages the following subjects:

  • Assembly, preparation and painting of landing systems, including wheels, undercarriage and landing gear. From basic painting to the most advanced detailing, scratch-building, making pieces in metal and resin, etc.
  • Detailed and painting of interiors of any aircraft. For example: open panels, avionics systems, kit parts, scratch-built, and aftermarket kits.
  • Engine detailing  from radials to turbines, including engine construction, scratch-building, construction and painting of engine details.
  • Exterior assembly of all types of exterior parts including wings, fuselage, masking, detailing, sanding and polishing, correction of incorrect parts, scribing panel lines, edging, stressed metal, navigation lights, and more.

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