Lead foil sheet 0.35mm thick 13x24cm
Lead foil sheet 0.35mm thick 13x24cm
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Lead foil sheet 0.35mm


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Lead foil has been used for as long as modeling has been around, wether it's to add details to miniatures or diorama's, to create banners or tarps, this foil is the perfect way to create and shape whatever type cloth you wish to portray. 

This lead foil has a thickness of 0.35mm which makes it suitable for small scales and can easily be cut with a knife or scissors. Since lead is a soft metal you can straighten it out easily or bend and twist it to your liking. This sheet has an approximate, but minimum dimension of 13cm x 24 cm and weighs about 150 grams. 

WARNING: Lead is poisonous. Always wear proper protection (goggles, respirator and gloves) when working with lead. Don't eat or drink during the handling of this product and thouroughly wash your hands after working with lead. 

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