Oil Paints Module - OM05o - HobbyZone

The HobbyZone Modular Workshop Organiser System provides a way to keep your desk free from clutter.


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Note! The Module can be used only in the top row of the Modular Workshop System.

The Module to connect with other products of Modular Workshop System.

To connect modules use magnets that are included.Thanks to this solution, you can always change the configuration of the workshop according to your needs.

The set consists perfectly fitted parts and assembly instructions. For the assembly wood glue will be needed.

The Module does not include accessories, pictures just shows a sample of equipment.

Main features of this module:

• 28 x 15mm handle ( diameter between cap and tube)
• 4 layers with room for 28 oil paint tubes
• Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 15 cm

Reference bottle sizes for popular paint brands

• Ammo/Vallejo/AK interactive Acrylics : 25mm
• Humbrol Enamels: 30mm
• Model Master Enamels: 32mm
• Ammo/AK interactive Primer: 33mm
• Tamiy Acrylics: 35mm (warning, these are the current, smaller bottles, not the old, larger ones!)
• Mig production Pigments: 35mm
• Ammo/AK interactive Wash/Streaking/Pigments: 35mm
• Vallejo Pigments: 35mm