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PK-Punches are perfect to create a large number of miniature sheets in a short time. The leaves created are suitable for use in scale 1/35, 1/43, 1/48 and 1/50 (corresponding to 54, 32 and 28 mm miniatures). PK-Punches can be used with different types of materials such as natural leaves, paper or thin cardboard. 

To achieve a natural result the use of natural dried leaves in various colors is recommended. In order to maintain the natural color of the leaves pre- and post-treatment is necessary. First let the leaves dry in a book or a stack of papers. Change the papers regularly to prevent rotting. Once the leaves are dry, you can produce any amount leaves for your miniatures bases or diorama. 

In order to fix the leaves wood glue (PVA Glue) or PK-superglue is recommended. After gluing the leaves small correction work can be done with acrylic paint. After the connecting we recommend the use of a transparent varnish in order to prevent the leaves from decaying or damage. Water based acrylic varnishes are in matt, gloss or satin are suitable. 

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€ 12,00
Prijs per Piece